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Click here to view a list of the steemit users who I follow.

If you are on steemit primarily to converse with people rather than to make money, I would be happy to list you here and occasionally take a look at your blog page. To ask me to add you to the list, either send me an email or tell me in a comment to any of my blog posts. My follow list is subject to change, but if I drop you and you don't want to be dropped, just let me know and I will add you back. An asterisk (*) means that you are a "permanent" listing, either because we have a significant relationship or because you've requested to not be dropped. My method of "following" is to keep an instance of Firefox open that has a tab for each of these people, so it is very easy for me to take a look. In software technology terms, this is a "polling" design, contrasted with an "interrupt" design such as steemit's feed pages.

Here is my current list of who I "follow", in alphabetical order: alexaventuria , barge , bethvalverde , bycoleman , careywedler , cause-no-harm , chuck2u32 , conformity , cryptosharon , deanlogicdeanlogic , deirdyweirdy , derekfreeman , digitalfirehose , doctorspence , endurance1 , eskmcdonnell , everittdmickey , fechaugger , free-reign , heretolisten , hippie-witha-gun , joeyarnoldvn , kennyskitchen , kongen , krnel , limma , lucylin , mysearchisover , puma737 , raaaach , robbieretard , robert.danial , skeptic , socky , transparencybot , truthbeyondlies , valued-customer

If you would also like to publish a similar list of the people you "follow", you can easily do it here. Click "home" at top right to read about my "Free Speech Zone" and how you can use it to publish IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Trees!