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           \rSTEEM has no future if it does not preserve its fundamental source of value: 100% human curation

           \r100% human curation for STEEM! I figured out how! (Use external web site for zines and "follow lists".)

           \r"IdeaFarm Operations, a nonprofit California public benefit corporation"  (filed articles of incorporation)

           \r"Living unselfishly means playing to win but not cheating." (My business card)

         click here to view links to a few of my blog posts


          see, for example, my zine
          i have some ideas about how external web sites might be used to do this
         would you like to restore 100% human curation for the STEEM blogging platform?

            click "home" at top right to read about my "Free Speech Zone" and how you can use it to publish IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Trees!
           if you would also like to publish a similar list of the people you "follow", you can easily do it here

            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@valued-customer\o valued-customer
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@truthbeyondlies\o truthbeyondlies ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@transparencybot\o transparencybot ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@socky\o socky ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@skeptic\o skeptic ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@robert.danial\o robert.danial ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@robbieretard\o robbieretard ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@raaaach\o raaaach ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@puma737\o puma737 ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@mysearchisover\o mysearchisover ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@lucylin\o lucylin ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@limma\o limma ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@krnel\o krnel ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@kongen\o kongen ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@kennyskitchen\o kennyskitchen ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@joeyarnoldvn\o joeyarnoldvn ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@hippie-witha-gun\o hippie-witha-gun ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@heretolisten\o heretolisten ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@free-reign\o free-reign ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@fechaugger\o fechaugger ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@everittdmickey\o everittdmickey ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@eskmcdonnell\o eskmcdonnell ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@endurance1\o endurance1 ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@doctorspence\o doctorspence ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@digitalfirehose\o digitalfirehose ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@derekfreeman\o derekfreeman ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@deirdyweirdy\o deirdyweirdy ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@deanlogic\o deanlogicdeanlogic ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@cryptosharon\o cryptosharon ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@conformity\o conformity ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@chuck2u32\o chuck2u32 ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@cause-no-harm\o cause-no-harm ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@careywedler\o careywedler ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@bycoleman\o bycoleman ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@bethvalverde\o bethvalverde ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@barge\o barge ,
            \r\ohttps://steemit.com/@alexaventuria\o alexaventuria ,

           here is my current list of who I "follow", in alphabetical order:

            in software technology terms, this is a "polling" design, contrasted with an "interrupt" design such as steemit's feed pages
            my method of "following" is to keep an instance of Firefox open that has a tab for each of these people, so it is very easy for me to take a look
            an asterisk (*) means that you are a "permanent" listing, either because we have a significant relationship or because you've requested to not be dropped
            my follow list is subject to change, but if I drop you and you don't want to be dropped, just let me know and I will add you back
            to ask me to add you to the list, either send me an email or tell me in a comment to any of my blog posts
           if you are on steemit primarily to converse with people rather than to make money, I would be happy to list you here and occasionally take a look at your blog page

          click here to view a list of the steemit users who I follow
          in my experience, this works better than reading my feed since it enables me to focus on the people who are working to build relationships with me and my associates
         i also regularly browse the blog pages of people who converse with me regularly
          so called "hate speech" should never never never be censored; instead, like any speech on a controversial topic, it should be given due consideration followed by persuasive responses either in opposition or in support
          occasionally, I will explore a prohibited topic or a prohibited viewpoint that is generally censored as "hate speech"
          this is not a "safe space"; I speak Truth boldly, "man to man", in order to empower men and women and to promote tolerance for diversity of thought
         my blog posts are intended primarily to start conversations to build relationships

          please use your mouse to hover over "pledge" (at top left)
          i am on steemit to develop wholesome "sacred" relationships with people who are, like me, looking for real community
          i never "upvote" within conversations
         i am not on steemit to make money and I have little patience for people who are

          i never look at my feed, so to get my attention, you must reply to one of my blog posts or comments
          to view my conversations there, click "steemit.com/@ideafarm" at the top of this page
         this page explains my policy on steemit.com, which is a social media platform that I normally visit daily